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DesignShine(TM) Lighting, LLC
Be Seen, Ride Safe!

DesignShine literally started "in the garage" after setting out on a quest to build a practical, yet ridiculously bright taillight. I just wasn't satisfied with what was out there, for one reason or another, so I put together my "wish list" for the perfect taillight and started toying around with some ideas. After a LOT of hours and about $400 worth of parts and tools, I had my first working prototype, which you can see on YouTube below. For some reason, this video started gaining traction, and before long, I had a hand full of people wanting to try one for themselves.

A lot of things have changed (even the name) since those first few units that literally took days to build, but one thing has never changed, and that is the drive to build the last best taillight that you'll ever need. And as it turns out, with just the right tweaks, the taillight concept turns into a pretty awesome headlight as well. I've met a lot of really great folks over the last 3 years, and I have to give a big thank you to Robert (housings and design feedback), George (electronics), Mark & Nancy (lens covers), David (LEDsupply), and Scott (assembly), but MOST of all to my wife and kids for putting up with all the late nights and countless hours refining the concept to what you see today.

If you have questions or need support, just email at: OR, either email comes to the same place.

Here's the video that started it all...